Prevention of HIV

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 The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) has wreaked a lot of havoc in the world.The most effective drug for treatment is antiretroviral drugs.Prevention measures include: Knowing yours and your partners HIV status, using latex condoms correctly during every sexual encounter, whether gay or straight, limiting the number of sexual partners, Abstaining from inject-able drug use. Looking for therapeutic treatment instantly after presumed HIV presentation, since solutions can some of the time avert contamination if began early.As per the National Institutes of Health, the most widely recognized antiretroviral drugs fall into three classifications: Reverse transcriptase inhibitors, which shield the infection from imitating, Protease inhibitors, which meddle with a HIV protein that produces irresistible particles, Fusion inhibitors, which keep the infection from entering sound cells.

  • Use condom
  • Don't inject drugs
  • Get tested and treated for STD
  • Talk to a health care provider
  • Infectious Complications
  • Risk of cancer after transplantation
  • Pretransplant vaccinations
  • Donor consideration
  • Graft reject

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