Vaccinology in HIV/AIDS

Vaccinology in HIV/AIDS Photo A vaccine is immune-biological that protect from disease and it an antibody.There are promising HIV vaccine candidate in the pipeline. Currently there are no HIV vaccine for treating AIDS, but there are preventive HIV vaccine for the people who don’t have HIV, it is to prevent the infection in future and therapeutic HIV vaccine designed to improve the immune response to HIV to a person who is already exposed to HIV. Hepatitis B and C which can be treated in the HIV patient by vaccination.There are immunization program and surveillance of epidemiology of the vaccine-preventable disease. This session discusses the application of future technologies and latest trends in research.
  • HIV structure
  • Clinical trials to date
  • Phase I - Free state
  • Phase II - Attachment
  • Phase III - Penetration
  • Phase IV - Uncoating
  • Phase V - Replication
  • Phase VI - Assembling
  • Phase VII - Releasing

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